Our products

  • Ultra connectivity

    Bravo4 provides connectivity with the most used navigation software, sensors (fiber optic, gyrocompass, INS Octans, quadrans, etc), displays

  • Perfect Wind

    Our solutions have been part of the last winners America’s Cup. Bravo4 provides improvements in wind and boat speed algorithms. Bravo4 uses better filters applied to gyroscopes and smart and dynamics dampings.

  • Open and flexible

    Bravo4 can be easily modified and programmed. It provide for sailors and engineers an platform for research and development.


The Mininodes are compact and CAN bus-based acquisition nodes used to increase the I/O capacity of a sailing instrument based on Bravo4 Processor.

MadSea, MadWatch

MadSea is smartphone and tablet application. It provides Bravo4. monitoring. MadWatch is a smartwatch connected to Bravo4..

Our Services

Madintec offers a complete range of services for sailors requiring performance.

Research and development

Madintec has a strong ability of software and hardware development with a team of 5 engineers. We are always looking for new solutions and create new products continuously.


Madintec works for the designers and sailors for optimize the performance.

Sales and Installation

Madintec sells Bravo4 and mininodes also Sensors and displays of any brand. Madintec performs all of the electronic installation: settings, calibration and optimization

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