The Madintec autopilot solution

  • 3D Automatic pilot for foilers

    MAD Brain Autopilot is a new generation of autopilot developed for foiler sailing yachts. More than providing a leading edge rudder control, this system controls foils and rudder actuators smartly to ensure flight stability. This is the first 3 dimensional pilot on the market..

  • Quality and reliability to ensure performance

    The Madintec team of engineer have developped MAD Brain Autopilot without any compromise concerning components grade in order to ensure:
    * the required reliability for offshore racing
    * a high computational ability and a low delay response needed to enable flight control loop .

  • A hand tuned pilot

    MAD Brain Autopilot is a pilot with a high degree of customization. From the pilot algorithm to the human Machine Interface, MAD Brain Autopilot has been designed to optimize autopilot according to your boat caracteristics and your sailing habits. The Madintec team is available to advice you to design the next features to go further…

The MAD Controller receive signals from the MAD Brain Autopilot to control actuators: RAM, brushless motors, hydraulic valves, etc.

The MAD Interface allows to send data to the MAD Brain Autopilot . As an example it can send skipper commands through a remote control called MAD Remote Wireless.

Bravo Systems

  • High connectivity

    Bravo4 allows to connect most of the navigation software, a lot of display and a large number of sensors as optical fibres or inertial measurement units.

  • A perfect wind

    As a result of more than ten years of development in several Amerca cups, Bravo4 solution provide the best wind data on the market. Bravo4 uses dynamic smart filtering to to enhance the quality of wind informations.

  • Open and flexible

    The bravo solution can be easily tuned and extended. It provides to skippers and sailing team an ecosystem to compute many algorithms in real time.


Mininodes increase connectivity of Bravo4 with an unlinited amount of sensors

MadSea, MadWatch

MadSea is a software for smartphones and tablets to remotely interact with Bravo4. MadWatch is a smartwatch to display data from Bravo4.

Our services

Madintec offers plenty of services for sailors who need extreme performance.

Research and development

Madintec has a strong ability of software and hardware development with a team of 5 engineers. We are always looking for new solutions and create new products continuously.


Madintec works for the designers and sailors for optimize the performance.

Sales and Installation

Madintec sells Bravo4 and mininodes also Sensors and displays of any brand. Madintec performs all of the electronic installation: settings, calibration and optimization

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