America’s Cup and Ultime giant trimaran technology for everyone

by trebormat on 2 December 2015

Like the transfer of technology from the Formula 1 to road-going cars, Matthieu Robert and David Cesari, founders of the Madintec start-up, are launching generalized access to high-level electronics for regattas and ocean races.

A perfect wind from the America’s Cup

Based on more than three years of collaboration, the Madintec and Bravo Systems teams (triple winners of the America’s Cup) have developed a calculator capable of providing an almost perfect wind. How does this work? Using aeronautic sensors, the Bravo4 calculator processes 2,000 variables 50 times per second. It refines and removes the noise of both the wind the boat speed based on boat movement down to one hundredth of a degree. So Bravo4 provides sailors with reliable and quality information to help them make decisions. Moreover the calculator’s data significantly improve the quality of the autopilot, which is essential for new sailing boats with foils.

Open electronics

These electronics stand out from the competition with their capacity to connect to most sensors and displays on the market. The idea is simple: allow full compatibility to get the best equipment, whatever its provenance. Mad about technology, the members of the Madintec team also develop solutions based on products for the general public such as smartphones and smartwatches. High-level electronics have never been so accessible.

Tested and proven by champions

Since 2013 Madintec has been equipping Jérémie Beyou, three-time winner of the Figaro race, with its Bravo4 calculator on board the IMOCA Maitre Coq which will sail in the next Vendee Globe. Several other sailing boats also carry the Bravo4, especially giant trimarans in the Ultime class that took the two first places in the Jacques Vabre Transat: Francois Gabart’s Macif and Thomas Coville’s Sodebo.


The Madintec strategy in 2016 is to expand its solutions for all regatta sailors, especially in Class 40 and Mini 6.50. In full development phase, the company is planning a fundraiser and a crowdfunding campaign.

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trebormatAmerica’s Cup and Ultime giant trimaran technology for everyone