Nos références

Our Ultim class customers


Skipper > François Gabart

Madintec solutions have been chosen by François Gabart and his team FG Mer Concept since 2015 to equip his Ultim trimaran MACIF 100. A Bravo systems solutions is also aboard and we collaborate actively to design the new 3D pilot for foiling yachts.

Results :

#2017 :

  • Speed record sailing around the globe onboard trimaran Macif in 42d 16h 40’35
  • Winner into The Bridge race in 8d 31’20 aboard trimaran Macif
  • Winner into ArMen Race USHIP aboard trimaran Macif

#2016 :

  • Winner of The Transat Bakerly 2016 aboard trimaran Macif in 8d 8h 54’39

#2015 :

  • Winner of the Transat Jacques-Vabre #2015 aboard trimaran Macif in 12d 17h 29’27


Skipper > Thomas Coville

Thomas Coville equip his Ultim Multihull SODEBO with Madintec devices since 2015.
We collaborate with NKE to enhance autopilot features.

Results :
#2017 : Winner of the Transat Jacques-Vabre in 7d 22h 7’27, with Jean-Luc Nélias on Maxi Trimaran Sodebo Ultim’
North Atlantic crossing (west to eat) single-handed in multihull in 4d 11h 10’23

#2016 : 24 hours distance record single handed: 714 nm
Around the world sailing record single-handed in 49d 3h 7′
Second on The Transat (Plymouth/New-York)

#2015 : 2e de la Transat Jacques-Vabre en double avec Jean-Luc Nélias sur Maxi Trimaran Sodebo Ultim’

Our “Multi 50” class customers


Skipper > Lalou Roucayrol

Lalou Roucayrol equip his Multi50 Arkema since 2016 with the advices of Madintec. Lalou collaborate intensively to the development of our new generation of pilot.

Results :

2017 : Winner of  theTransat Jacques-Vabre in the multi 50 category in 10d 19h 14’19 with Alex Pella aboard Arkema multihull.


Skipper > Erwan Leroux

Madintec equip the Multi50 Fenetrea Mix Buffet skipped by Erwan Leroux since 2017.

Results :

2017: Second in the Transat Jacques Vabre with Vincent Riou aboard Fenetrea – Mix Buffet (Multi 50)

Our “IMOCA” class customers

Maître Coq

Skipper > Jérémie Beyou

Jérémie have chose Madintec for his Imoca Maitre Coq since 2013 and together we have adapt Bravo Systems devices on offshore races.

Palmarès :

#2017 : Third into Vendée Globe 2016-2017 aboard 60ft IMOCA “Maître CoQ” in 78d 6h 38’40

#2016 : Winner of the Transat New York – Vendée in 9d 19h 26’49

#2014 : Second place on the Route du Rhum in 12d 12h 11’18

#2013 : Third on the Transat Jacques Vabre with Christopher Pratt in 17d 5h 15’7
Second on the  Rolex Fastnet with Christopher Pratt

Initiative Coeur

Skipper > Samantha Davies

In 2017 the IMOCA “Maitre Coq”  is bought by Initiative Coeur and the boat s refitted. Samantha Davies and Initiative Coeur team have chose to embed a Bravo4 processor and a Madintec pilot.

We wish Samantha a successfull race on the next Route du Rhum.


Skipper > Vincent Riou

Vincent have chosen a Bravo4 processor and  Madintec is in charge of its commissioning since 2016

Results :

#2017 : Second place on The Transat Bakerly,  fifth on the Transat New-York – Vendée / Les Sables d’Olonne

Other customers

GC32 SAP Extreme Challenger

Skipper > Rasmus Kostner

SAP Extreme equip by Madintec – Top leader Extreme Sailing Series (2017)


Results :

#2017 : Winner of Extreme Sailing Series

MASERATI / ex Gitana

Skipper > Giovanni Soldini

Maserati is equipped by Madintec since 2014


Results :

#2018 : Sailing Record on the Tea Route (HongKong-Londres) in 36d 2h 37’2.

#2016 : Winner of the Rolex Middle Sea Race Second on the RORC Transatlantic Race in 7d 44’23  Second on the Antigua 360° Second the RORC Caribbean 600 in 33h 53’55

#2015 : Vainqueur du Tour de Belle Ile, record en 2 h 24 min 45 s (Gitana)

#2014 : 3e de la Route du Rhum (Gitana)

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